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About Us


Marktonix – Empowering Online Business Success Across Continents

Marktonix was founded in the year 2021 by a group of highly ambitious entrepreneurs. Based in Dubai, these young men wanted to use their tech expertise to revolutionize what digital marketing was for businesses around the globe. Hence, they joined forces under the banner of Marktonix to help SMBs and growing businesses of all kinds grow big through a nudge in the right digital direction.

Since then, the company has worked on 100+ projects nationwide with several reputable organizations. Each partnership led to more recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing for our brand. So, we kept growing till we’d captured a big slice of the UAE’s digitization market.

But how did we grow so exponentially in such a short time? The answer’s simple. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we don’t compromise on what we promise our clients. This builds a connection of trust that keeps businesses connected with us for long-term digital growth. So, whether a client’s journey with us begins with web development, logo revamps, SEO, or AR/VR marketing, Marktonix becomes their go-to service provider for all things digital marketing.

Enter 2024, we step into the US as an accomplished Middle-Eastern firm with the potential to revitalize your business for success! With Marktonix’s data-driven marketing tactics, attractive UI/UX designs, and high flexibility toward rising technologies, you will surely recognize us as a partner you can trust for lasting organizational growth.

Our Vision

At Marktonix, we envision a world where every business has a platform to grow online. Whether it’s a B2C or B2B, SMB or multinational enterprise, we believe they all deserve a fair chance at digital progress and success. This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure every service we offer to a client is customized according to their business goals and spending limits. The way we see it, when we help businesses of any sort succeed through our efforts, we add to a country’s economy by facilitating growth and employment opportunities. Hence, the Marktonix team ensures complete commitment to delivering quality work regardless of the project’s size or budget.

Our Mission

We aim to become one of the biggest digital marketing and performance marketing agencies in the world. Marktonix is always committed to the betterment of its clients. But that commitment also fuels our own progress. From the initial brief to project handovers and monthly reports, we ensure every aspect of our approach is centered on excellence. The happier you are with a project, the better we deliver in the future. Through continuous efforts over the span of 3 years, we’ve taken over a huge chunk of UAE’s digital marketing industry. Our next target is to build a name for ourselves in the thriving market of the USA, and keep going until Marktonix becomes synonymous with the term “Quality Digital Marketer”.

Staying Up

We don’t stick to the same old same old when it comes to how we do things. At Marktonix, we understand that trends and technologies change with time and you may lose if you don’t keep up. That’s why our team members constantly keep upgrading their skills through market-leading certifications and learning opportunities. So, they’re well-equipped to handle anything new you throw at them.


But that’s not all that we do. The Marktonix team always keeps experimenting with different digitization methods to see if we can improve how we do things. Through A/B split-testing, surveys, influencer marketing, language switches, and many more experimental tactics, we ensure that what we do is more than what’s up to the mark. Hence, our results, too, far surpass competitors’ any day.

Going Big

In addition to that, we don’t simply do things because everyone’s doing it. We instead rely on dependable data. Through the use of tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, HubSpot, Perplexity AI, and Mail Chimp, we ensure the strategies we design for each client are based on past data. By doing so, we guarantee enhanced chances of a better online presence for every brand we work with.

How Marktonix Is Shaping The Future

As mentioned above, Marktonix isn’t simply a digital marketing firm of today; we envision being THE digital marketing agency known for results. Hence, through experiments, data management, and adapting to emerging technologies, we ensure our team is more than capable of helping you achieve your organizational goals without breaking a sweat. The following are some of the ways we’re adapting to emerging technologies for the future.

AI Tools & Tech

We’re taking measures to learn more about AI for internal improvements as well as for the services we provide. Our team constantly explores new AI-based tools to test and see if we can improve our operations. So, from ChatGPT to Perplexity AI, Jarvis to Mid Journey, and the tens of ChatGPT extensions, we ensure our team has hands-on knowledge of every useful AI resource. By doing so, we guarantee that we fulfill the expected goals of improving work efficiency and delivering lasting results.

Voice SEO & SGE

Unlike what many people started to believe post-GPT, SEO isn’t going away any time soon. It is, however, adapting to the changes in people’s preferences and evolving faster than we’d ever expected. Today, the era of Voice Searches and Search Generative Experiences is on the rise. So, while our team is highly capable of traditional SEO, we’re also taking a look now at how we can help clients leverage the power of Voice Search and Generative Results to help them take the lead in the future of search optimization. If you sign up now, you might be one of the lucky few we offer these services today.

AR/VR Marketing

The Metaverse is dead… or so it seems to be. But you don’t need to be part of a metaverse to capitalize on AR/VR experiences. With the latest releases of VR goggles and AR-supported technologies, there’s a huge potential for outstanding marketing that helps you stand apart. Both technologies connect better with the human psyche, and so possess the power of higher influence. This is why Marktonix has also taken the mantel of providing AR/VR marketing that increases your returns potential tenfold.