Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Shopping advertising is the very core of eCommerce. Product listings for Google’s search and shopping results are known as Shopping Ads. There are various reasons why they are of utmost value to eCommerce firms. For websites with a lot of products, Google Shopping is a terrific approach to draw customers at the very end of the sales funnel.

Better qualified leads

As a vendor, providing customers with more information about your products can improve the quality of the leads you receive from your ads and enable customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Those who look for Google items have already decided to buy them after doing some study. When people see the appropriate product ad, they are more likely to click the link to learn more about the product and make a buy.

Stand Out

Google Shopping advertisements are found at the top of search results and draw customers with consistently targeted and high-quality product listings. Elegant, informative, and visually appealing are three qualities that set PLA apart.


The only advertisements in search results that have a visual that instantly grabs consumers’ attention are PLAs. Visual appeal is crucial for Google Shopping optimization since it attracts customers and increases the likelihood that they will click and land on a page.

We track calls, queries, and conversions at the product level to make sure that all pertinent data points on campaign outcomes are always available.

We oversee every step of your marketing initiatives for retail stores. We are in charge of implementing new strategies, seasonal trends, and offers as necessary without sacrificing your marketing efforts.

We discuss the monthly KPIs with you and design your campaign accordingly. Every month, we get together to discuss the campaign’s progress and results from in-depth reports.

What Is Google Shopping

For websites with a lot of products, Google Shopping is a terrific approach to draw customers at the very end of the sales funnel. When your price and product are displayed before the click, you have already qualified the visitor before they ever arrive at your website.

It’s crucial to have a decent structure and naming standard on your product feed to have a successful campaign with shopping. The feed must be organized and concise in order to be properly recognized by Google Merchant Center, where it will be submitted.

You need to register for a Google Merchant Center account before you can launch a shopping campaign. You then need to upload your product feed. If this is your first time, it can be a little difficult. The campaign can be managed from your Google Adwords account once it is life, though.

As you are aware, shopping campaigns are designed for E Com companies. Thus this is not the best platform if your main goal is to generate leads or awareness.

Yet, if you are able to compete on pricing, have a nice and user-friendly website, and sell things, it is unbeatable.


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