Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution

Businesses can identify which activities and in what ways they are contributing to their profitability by using marketing attribution, also referred to as marketing revenue attribution. At Marktonix – Performance Marketing and Technology Services Agency, we gather and analyze data on consumer engagement to carefully evaluate where your brand achieves its objectives and where your message may be falling flat, assisting your company in growing more profitably.

We assist you in selecting the ideal attribution model for your company and target market.

We assist you in selecting the ideal attribution model for your company and target market.

We offer a report that helps you to develop touchpoints to match the appropriate information to their demands after mapping out your buyers’ journey.

To quantify the true impact of each channel or campaign, as well as to optimise budget distribution across them, we use sophisticated statistical models.

Recognize your financial performance and modify your business strategy in accordance with the return on an investment.

We assist you in updating your product to provide the capabilities that customers seek.

We work with you to provide customised content that will increase user interaction with your business.

Choosing A Marketing Attribution Model

A set of guidelines known as the marketing attribution model enables you to investigate which media and channels are bringing the most customers to your website so they can make a purchase. We determine how much of each conversion should be credited to various touchpoints and buying cycles. Our team assists you in selecting the best path for your success because the models you use can frequently have an impact on the model’s results.

Automated Reports

Our team implements the appropriate marketing automation solutions and offers strategic support, as well as a tailored implementation. We outline your buyer’s journey and give you touchpoints for matching the appropriate information to their needs in our automated reports. This information includes each step a person takes on the website up until the point at which they make a purchase.

Optimized Marketing Spend

In order to optimize your marketing budget, you must first determine which platforms, touchpoints, and tactics are most beneficial to your brand. The ability to market more effectively and economically allows us to direct your media budgets toward these high-value campaigns, which results in the generation of more leads at a lower cost.

Increased ROI

For your marketing campaigns, our team establishes precise objectives so that you can coordinate your efforts to achieve them. Effective marketing attribution enables us to target the right customer at the right time with the right message, increasing conversion rates and ROI.

Improved Product Development

We work with you to identify all stakeholders and analyze each one’s needs so you can give them what they want to see. After that, by creating product upgrades that focus on the features that customers want, these insights can be used to increase sales.

Improved Personalization

Personalization is crucial for the success of your business because online interactions are one of the main ways brands communicate and engage with their consumers. Depending on the stage of the buyer’s journey the client is in, we use user-generated content strategies to encourage them to keep doing business with you.


What is Marketing Attribution?

Marketing attribution is the process of identifying and crediting the various touchpoints, channels, and tactics that contributed to the success of a marketing campaign. This is crucial because it enables marketers to comprehend which marketing initiatives are most successful and how to improve their campaigns.

What are the different methods of Marketing Attribution?

There are numerous techniques for marketing attribution, such as –

First-click attribution: This approach rewards the initial point of contact a customer has before making a purchase.

Last-click attribution: This approach rewards the final point of contact a customer has before making a purchase.

Linear attribution: This approach accords equal weight to every touchpoint a customer engages with prior to making a purchase.

Time-decay attribution: With this approach, touchpoints that take place nearer the time of the purchase are given more weight.

Position-based attribution: In this approach, the first and last touchpoints receive a predetermined percentage of the overall credit, with the remaining credit being equally distributed among the other touchpoints.

Marketers can determine which marketing initiatives are the most successful by using marketing attribution, and they can then allocate their resources accordingly.

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