Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying

The best channels to use to reach our clients’ customers’ customers are determined by our digital media planning and procurement team. We offer comprehensive media planning and buying services, from conception to completion and assessment- we make sure that our clients receive a consistent return on advertising expenditure. Digital media spending is growing very quickly each year. We create and carry out efficient media campaigns to fit a variety of budgets and objectives, impartially and openly choosing the finest platforms and channels for our clients.

Making the most of your budget is more important than having a great budget for your digital marketing efforts. Your budget will be effectively used with Marktonix – Performance Marketing and Technology Services Agency.

Providing a full range of website design and development services supported by digital marketing using the most recent technology. Use the Marktonix Free Digital Consulting service to your advantage and get in touch with us.

You can use inbound marketing techniques to draw customers to your website and convert them into customers. a broad category of activities, such as digital marketing, performance marketing, and digital consulting, but not limited to them.

Mobile applications’ influence is growing every day. As more and more people use smartphones and tablets, having your app installed on many phones has become crucial for digital marketing.

We put a lot of effort into comprehending not only our clients but also the clients of our clients, as well as the impulses that lead them to engage with your message. The quality of the creative has an impact on the success of any digital marketing campaign.

The average customer will still always turn to a search engine such as Google whenever they have an immediate requirement for a product or services. The Power of Digital Marketing lies in getting organic traffic at the lowest cost.


The goal of an effective web strategy isn’t to generate the most impressions. Targeting the appropriate audience with the appropriate message at the appropriate time is key. Our clients can purchase a media platform for the best Return on Intent with the assistance of our experts in each field. We determine the intent and communicate with them throughout their digital journey using a data-driven strategy.

Media Planning

Internet media buying allows precision customer segmentation, timing, and targeting. It requires a lot of experience and strategic involvement because of how intricate and dynamic it is. A clear approach must be presented before developing a communication plan. A lot of experience and involvement is needed for this complicated procedure. The media planning strategy will be created by our media planning professionals to fit your budgets and be in line with your brand and business goals.

Media Buying

Your digital marketing strategy could be totally changed by media buying. Whether your goals are lead generation, direct response, or information, we begin by defining them. Our media buying tactics frequently center on getting our clients the best pricing so they may reach more people in more locations.

Integrated Strategy

A landscape of bought, received, and owned media is involved in both planning and purchasing, and it changes all the time. Our comprehensive methodology enables us to account for all digital channels, including social media, and measure cross-channel impact, both online and offline. As a result, we can adjust, include, or scrap initiatives to get the greatest results. This makes us more efficient and quick.

Tracking and Optimisation

We want to produce the greatest outcomes possible. We continuously monitor and improve campaign success using technology and outside tools to get measurable outcomes. Together, these solutions give clients ongoing insights, thorough reporting, and campaign analysis so they can maximize their online advertising.


We could quickly examine the effectiveness of the campaigns and optimize them to increase the ROI going the future with the help of a thorough and adaptable reporting dashboard.


What is Media Planning and Buying?

The process of choosing and acquiring advertising space or time across a range of media, including print, television, radio, and digital, is referred to as media planning and buying. Reaching the targeted target audience in the most effective and efficient manner is the aim of media planning and procurement.

What is the difference between Media Planning and Media Buying?

In order to identify the best possibilities for reaching the target audience, media planning comprises investigating and evaluating numerous types of media. This may entail taking into account elements like the price of advertising, the reach and frequency of the media, and the audience’s demographics and interests.

Media buying entails negotiating prices and buying the advertising space or time after the available media options have been determined. Working directly with media outlets or with media agencies may be part of this.

What is the importance of Media Planning and Buying?

Media planning and purchasing are crucial components of marketing and advertising because they enable businesses to efficiently reach their target market and advertise their goods or services. It calls for in-depth knowledge of the target market and the range of media options accessible, as well as adept negotiation skills and the capacity to keep up with technological and industry changes.

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