Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

It is crucial for brands to develop public perception-shaping strategies in the age of the engaged audience. When using social media, you should pay attention to the opinions of those who post reviews of products and services. At Marktonix – Performance Marketing and Technology Services Agency, we recognize the value of striking a balance, bucking false trends, and putting your best foot forward.

Controlling the online conversation is what ORM, or online reputation management, refers to. The best way to prevent any potential problems and assist customers in finding the appropriate materials when they search for you online, in our opinion, is to employ proactive marketing strategies and have an ORM strategy in place.

Find and note any potential weak spots that require attention.

Find and note any potential weak spots that require attention.

Get guidance and a thorough plan for dealing with high-risk locations.

Recognize your internet presence in real time and keep up with your web profile

Influence Positive content is used on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Establish priorities for brand recovery and rehabilitation by determining the extent of any damage.

Plan your content strategy to have a unified voice and messaging.

Extensive Audit

The purpose of a thorough ORM audit is to find out what is currently being said online about your brand. We evaluate your digital profile from a statistical and technical standpoint, taking into account the positive, negative, and neutral factors to ascertain your digital reach. The audit identifies vulnerabilities and offers the proper framework for an effective and speedy SERP management strategy.

Strategic Advisory

The findings from the analysis of the assimilated data are then applied to create a well-thought-out strategy for your online persona. We work with you to create uplifting content for your profile and put the best plan into action based on your PR goals in order to influence how search engines perceive your brand. We take great pride in providing our clients with a specialized, adaptable approach to ORM.

Brand Monitoring

At Marktonix, we assist you in effectively managing and tracking brand mentions and identifying potential weaknesses. More and more, what makes a good search result is determined primarily by how well-liked the content is. Because proactive monitoring enables you to respond quickly to online conversations and stay on top of the discussion, brand monitoring searches the web for mentions of your company, its products, and its employees.

SERP Domination

Search engine algorithms are continually being improved to include sophisticated artificial intelligence and emotional reasoning. We will develop a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) management strategy based on a thorough understanding of the top-ranking factors for your specific market sector. Making positive content that would outrank negative content using SEO is one way to combat it.

Reputation Management and Recovery

When negative content appears, managing and restoring your online reputation is essential. We aid in the establishment of a Search Engine Management strategy that places a priority on brand rehabilitation and recovery by evaluating the extent of the harm and carrying out an extensive keyword and social media analysis to look for longer-term digital opportunities. You can exert control over the situation and stop online media sites from gaining popularity by doing this.

Content Creation

Your brand’s reputation is greatly influenced by the way your content appears on branded searches, how you respond to customer reviews, and how you interact with them on social media. A strong ORM strategy gives you the ability to present yourself in the way you want to be perceived. You can foster more positive interactions by planning the creation of better content.


What is Online Reputation Management?

Monitoring, influencing, and managing online conversations about a person, brand, or company is known as online reputation management.

How to do Online Reputation Management?

You can take the following actions to manage your online reputation:

  • Observe your online activity
  • React to critical remarks
  • Promote favorable reviews
  • Create high-quality content and spend money on SEO (SEO)
  • Social media usage
  • Work with a reputation management company, if possible.

What is an example of Online Reputation Management?

Monitoring and responding to comments and reviews about a company’s goods or services on review websites and social media is an example of online reputation management. For instance, if a client complains about a company on Twitter, the company can respond to the complaint and offer to resolve the client’s issues.

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