When it comes to attracting and converting customers, content is always in vogue. When done correctly, content marketing is a powerful and affordable (or even free) method to reach the audience you want and provide them with the information they require.

Content marketing is changing in 2023. (in new and wonderful ways that build on the content and SEO trends in 2022). It’s not just about considering the formats (long and short-form) you should use to engage your audience or the rise of TikTok as a powerful marketing platform, but also an acceleration of marketers using AI to boost productivity and fend off the dreaded writer’s block – especially when you’re a busy content marketer writing a lot of copy.

In order to determine what you should be on the lookout for or trying with to see if it improves performance, let’s take a look at the important content marketing trends for 2023. To learn more about these major developments, continue reading:

  • Mobile-first, interactive, short-form video.
  • Growth in the creative economy.
  • Marketing and artificial intelligence co-operation.
  • Live and long-form video content.

Short-form immersive video

Video has long been praised as the most effective form of material for companies to spread across channels, particularly on social media. According to the 2023 Content Benchmarks Report, more than half of marketers believe that video is the most important form of content, and 25% believe that live video is useful for achieving social media objectives.

According to Alison Battisby, Social Media Consultant & Founder of Avocado Social, all social media platforms, including those that may typically be text-based like LinkedIn, favor video material in their algorithms.

In order to produce engaging full-screen panoramic mobile-first video in 2023, you must plan vertically. 2022 was the year of this type of content. We’ll witness more experimenting from businesses that will tap into this trend and test out this style in both paid and organic promotion.

According to Battisby, smart companies will try their original ideas organically first before promoting the content that performs best. If you see videos on TikTok blowing up in terms of views and likes, consider promoting it since this is a pattern that works well there.

Here are some essential guidelines for producing outstanding short-form material for mobile:

To the point. The average length of a successful video is between 15 and 30 seconds. Include a surprise twist at the conclusion of your video, such as a revelation or change.

To keep viewers interested, add captivating comments like “wait for what’s next.”

Try making your own music or remixing songs to increase the likelihood that it will go popular (check out these tips from top TikTok creators)

Look at what’s popular on various platforms, including keywords, subjects, and music.

Increased expression in the creative economy

The creative economy is expected to expand and evolve, as we noted in our blog post on the top digital marketing trends for 2023. Due to this explosion, companies will face fierce rivalry to entice and keep the top creators across all platforms.

The cause? Companies want to connect with the newest trends while also filling in their content voids. However, they don’t always have the skills or ability to respond in a manner that will most effectively increase interaction and conversions.

Contact reviews from content producers are reliable, and engagement on creator accounts is frequently greater than on company profiles. Therefore, give creative utilization as a part of your brand’s marketing serious thought. Please provide some goods for evaluation.

Fortunately, social media platforms make it simpler for businesses to locate talented and pertinent producers. Instagram just introduced a maker portfolio where individuals with creative talent can share their special tales and place themselves for collaborations on their accounts.

According to MIT Technology Review, YouTube revealed a 45 percent income share on YouTube shorts. Battisby believes that YouTube will monetize its new vertical video offering in order to draw content producers to produce original videos.

Collaboration among marketing and artificial intelligence

Copywriting and artificial intelligence (AI) have long been linked. But as customer desire for personalization grows, AI will play a larger part in content creation in 2023 than it has in the past.

Numerous fresh AI products are currently available. For instance, Chat GPT is trained to engage conversationally and can be linked with Zapier to plan blogs or social media content and create drawings or videos. UberSuggest uses AI to help with blog posts. Copy.ai helps create social media posts and blogs. Marketers must figure out how to communicate with these new tools and develop cues for the best content.

According to Matt Santos, vice president of products and strategy at Neil Patel Brands, “We’re seeing people utilize AI for e-mail, copywriting, subject lines in an e-mail, or even your ad text.”

But Matt thinks it can also aid content producers in the writing process, particularly when there is a lot of material to produce. “In my opinion, the best approach to make use of this instrument is to simply inspire creativity. Because our minds begin to race as soon as we start to see words on a paper, it’s ideal for aiding us in getting past writer’s block. In essence, that is the current day’s use of AI.

Due to increased funding in software and machine learning, there will be some advances in 2023. Natural language processing will advance along with other aspects, and eventually, we’ll see AI that creates excellent material that only requires a few minutes of quality assurance or editing.

Live video and long-form multimedia

Many marketers depend on and favor short-term material to draw in and hold audiences’ attention. However, it would be an error to disregard longer-form material.

Long-form content, such as blogs, eBooks, or seminars, is not only beneficial for SEO, but it is also useful for generating backlinks, with articles longer than 3,000 words receiving 77 percent more of them, per a Backlink study.

However, what about lengthy videos? According to a top Google executive, TikTok and Instagram are now preferred over Google Maps searches by young people when looking for locations to grab lunch, with the percentage thought to be around 40%. As a result, making films that feature locations can encourage interest in and traffic to your website or business.

The number of people listening to audio material will only rise with the popularity of voice search, the possession of smart devices like Alexa and Homey, and the social app Clubhouse (based on speech). To find out if their material is effective on those platforms, brands should capitalize on the trend.

Round-Up of 2023 Content Marketing Ideas

A useful medium for any company, large or small, is content. The secret is to comprehend your audience and make use of all the tools at your disposal to produce material that is pertinent and beneficial to them.

Use these key trends for 2023 to plan your content marketing strategy, come up with content ideas, and improve it so you can connect with the right people through the right platforms. In 2023, try new things, be bold, and be inventive to boost your content marketing.

Utilize material to draw in and sway your audience

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